10 Sep 2020


you can check out the last unicorn fanlisting here

i also installed codesort so that should make getting codes up easier in the future lol 

09 Sep 2020

approved for:

06 Sep 2020

approved for:


there was a hiccup due to me not using a proper email to apply with. i gotta be more mindful in the future  

but, like last time, check out the completed fanlisting here. an update has been made to reflect being added to another category 

22 Aug 2020

applied for:

they're my fave band, and i ran the listing before and still have layout files lol so crossing fingers 

19 Aug 2020

applied for:

all of these would be under the same fanlisting, as it focuses on the original novel, and the film and comics are adaptations of the same story referred to by the same name 

11 Aug 2020

while i was on hiatus, php standards changed, so i've updated it along with enthusiast. ran into an issue where a random character was appearing at the end of each entry on pages, and i hit up the maintainer of the script to figure out what was up. turns out the issue with the symbol was a side effect of not having proper encoding set up, along with an addition to enthusiast templates. issue's resolved, and i feel bad for bothering script maintaner with it since there was such an easy fix and i was just being ignorant 

i also installed cutenews to make making updates easier on myself since it's no longer manual lol. due to that, the credits section got an update to give credit kao-ani, who made these cute emoticons i'm using in cutenews 

27 Jul 2020

"hopefully things will be stable," i said in august of 2018. famous last words really are a thing, huh?

there's no pleasant way to say this. my mom died in 2019. that was devastating on it's own, but in addition to that my entire life was uprooted and i had to move and literally completely restart my life from scratch. that meant nothing on my domain was maintained for a good long time. the cruel truth of the matter is, when something like such tremendous loss happens, it becomes difficult to maintain things like websites, even if you love them. in the grand scheme of things, there's "more important" stuff going on, and then when you take such a huge blow and good ol' circumstantial depression sets in, things don't feel worth it, or you don't have the energy/drive to keep up with stuff 

naturally, due to lapse (that i sincerely hope tafl and tfl staff can empathize with and forgive me for) all of my fanlistings were removed (...again)

but the good news is that things do get better

i think, finally, after a year i can put my heart into stuff i love again, such as web design. stay tuned

12 Sep 2018

now live:

12 Aug 2018

okay, so. it's been a while

at the end of 2017, my host went down so i had to move. then my host went down again, and i had to move again. then my host went down. again. so i had to move - you guessed it - again! all of this within the span of three months

so. you know. it was kind of difficult to keep things maintained, especially after losing databases... so then i got myself my own domain earlier this year, specifically to not be reliant on hosts going down... only for the host to get hacked and for me to lose my files and databases yet again three months after. honestly that just took all my drive and desire to maintain a personal domain and the sites hosted on it for a while 

so! we're starting over almost completely from scratch lol 

all my fanlistings have been removed, and some have gone to new maintainers. i'll apply for what i can and hopefully things will be stable

reapplied for:

applied for: completely lost:

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